Radical Shift

Working with educational systems, organizations and individuals to build diverse, inclusive and integrated relationships that result in stronger kids, families and communities.

I have expertise in the following areas

  • Student achievement or community schools work
  • Productive, values driven teams or results-oriented project management
  • Collaborative system/processes or measurable outcomes
  • Diversity or inclusive and equitable practices
  • Youth development, program management, staff development, research and writing

Collaboration & Planning

Often schools and organizations undertake laborious planning and collaborative processes that end in frustration rather than success.

Workshops & Training

Strengthen your staff’s current skills, develop new ones and/or build capacity and leadership.


Are you struggling with your next professional move? Having trouble with accountability? Is your team’s productivity suffering?


When the facilitation of a meeting or process is “challenged”, the chances of accomplishing agreed upon goals is significantly decreased.

When the results require a RADICAL SHIFT, I can help.